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You can relax knowing you will come home to a well-maintained landscape. You can have us work on your lawn, beds and plants every week or every other week.


Elevate your business’s curb appeal with our comprehensive commercial landscaping services. Picture your property radiating a well-cared-for charm that leaves a lasting impression. Whether it’s regular maintenance every week or a tailored schedule, we’re here to enhance the appeal of your grounds, from lawns to flower beds, and every element in between.

Our Services

Lawn Maintenance

Our expert team will ensure your lawn stays lush and healthy, providing regular mowing, fertilization, and care to keep it in pristine condition.

Weed Management & Pruning

Say goodbye to unruly weeds and overgrown plants. Our meticulous weed management and precise pruning techniques will keep your landscape looking neat and well-groomed.

Fixing Minor Issues

Our dedicated team watches over your yard, detecting and promptly addressing any potential issues to safeguard against more significant problems down the road.

Fall Leaf Clean-Up

When autumn arrives, our team will expertly clear away fallen leaves, maintaining the tidiness and charm of your property even during the changing seasons.


We’ll shield your property against potential issues and address before they become bigger problems, ensuring a consistently vibrant and thriving outdoor environment.

Irrigation Winterization

Prepare your irrigation system for the colder months with our winterization service, preventing potential damage and ensuring it’s ready to perform flawlessly when spring returns

Why Choose Us

Blessing Landscapes began as a lawn care service company. With over thirty years of experience, we will ensure your landscape is well maintained. Whether you’re looking for just a one-time clean-up or weekly or bi-weekly maintenance services, we’re here to help. Let our friendly team manage your landscape so you can enjoy it!

“These guys are by far the best landscapers I have ever used. Their communication is amazing- there is always someone who is immediately responsive. Their attention to detail is phenomenal, after they did a mid sized job for us, a manager came out and inspected it and made sure it was perfect. Their guys even coiled my hose and put it back in the hose enclosure. Their prices were on par with the other people we got bids from. I cannot imagine what they could do better."

Mike C.

“We have used Blessing Landscapes for a number of construction/landscaping projects, big and small, as well as servicing our yard. We manage several rental homes and rely upon Blessing Landscapes to also perform cleanups, maintenance and winterization services for sprinkler systems. Overall, always top quality service and an extremely dependable company. Definitely would recommend their service to anyone in the Portland metro area!"

Ben L.

You Deserve a Well-Maintained Landscape, We’re Here to Help.

Lawn Care

Weed Control

Yard Cleanup