Outdoor Living Spaces

An outdoor patio under an umbrella.

Expand Your Home’s Horizons with Innovative Outdoor Living Spaces

A well-thought-out outdoor living space adds instant intrigue and value to your property. It can make your whole home feel bigger and more functional. Blessing Landscapes designs and builds unique outdoor living spaces such as a variety of covered structures, outdoor kitchens, elegant seating areas, fireplaces and features.

An outdoor patio under an umbrella.
Chairs outdoor around a pit, with a stone pathway.

Design Your Outdoor Oasis

Everyone’s idea of a backyard paradise is different. We’re experts when it comes to listening to your needs, preferences, and lifestyle and then making your dream a reality. We develop smart, value-driven, solutions to create your personal slice of backyard (or front yard) paradise. 

Our decades of experience and dedication to every detail of landscape design and outdoor construction, combined with our trusted design/build approach, means your outdoor space will truly be designed and constructed for your personal needs and preferences.

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An outdoor fire pit with chairs around it.

Fire Pits & Fireplaces

Transform the way you spend your summer evenings with a beautiful outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Fire features add an instant sense of peace, comfort, and warmth to your outdoor space. When it comes to fire feature design, placement is extremely important, as the way to make the space truly special is to add lush plant life, hardscapes, outdoor lighting, water features, and other landscaping favorites which will contribute to the beauty and ambiance.

An outdoor fire pit with chairs around it.
A covered seating area with lights and an awning.

Covered Areas

With the right outdoor lighting and design solutions that address the potential for wind, rain, bugs, or excessive sun, a sitting area under a covered structure may just become your go-to mealtime setting. Covered destinations can be furnished with dining sets or outdoor living room furniture and adorned with elegant outdoor lighting or fun bistro lights on strings.  And of course, what’s an outdoor living space without the perfect patios and hardscapes, or even better pair it with a grill, or outdoor kitchen!

Customer Reviews

Blessing Landscapes has been honored as a winner in the 2023 Nextdoor Neighborhood Fave Awards for excellence in Gardening and Landscaping, as well as Home Services. You can read our great reviews there, but here’s just a few:

An outdoor seating area with swing chairs and a fire pit.

Outdoor Seating Areas

If you’ve put time, money, and effort toward landscaping your yard, it’s worth the investment to make sure you have a place to sit and enjoy your garden that’s just as beautiful. 

When it comes to outdoor seating, your options are nearly endless. From patio lounge chairs, to bench swings, to stone and boulder seating, and beyond, Blessing Landscapes has done it all. We can design and build you an outdoor seating space that truly feels like a second living room for your home.

An outdoor seating area with swing chairs and a fire pit.
An outdoor kitchen space.

Outdoor Kitchens

If you love the idea of grilling food and serving drinks for your family and friends on your deck or patio, why not take it a step further and install an outdoor kitchen? Paired with a covered structure, a fireplace, or an outdoor seating area, an outdoor kitchen can expand your home’s livable space and make outdoor gatherings something truly special.

Here are just a few of the many features you could include in your outdoor kitchen:

  • A top-of-the-line built-in grill
  • A small refrigerator for storing drinks
  • Cabinets and other storage space
  • Countertops to make food prep a breeze
  • An outdoor bar with counter-height seating