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Irrigation System Installation

Keep color in your landscape year-round with an irrigation system.

The way you choose to water your landscape affects both the lives of your plants and your water bill. We will help you create an irrigation system design that delivers water at the right time and right place for the grass, plants, and trees on your property.

Irrigation systems – Save time, money, and water

Your Blessing Landscapes irrigation system will save you money over time because the system can be set up to water during defined times and in defined areas. Spend your time relaxing in your lounge chair instead of dragging your hoses around.

Our kind professionals provide you with the education you need to run your irrigation system properly. This includes how to schedule your sprinklers and understand when a zone needs more water or less, leaving you prepared to run your system without any worries.

We can also install rain sensors for your system to make watering a snap. These environmentally safe sensors turn off your system when it detects measurable rain. They take the guess work out of watering your landscape.

Check out our maintenance page for more information.

Irrigation system installation

Blessing Landscapes will survey your yard and create a plan for where each sprinkler head should go.
Then our team will install the system by placing the pipes in the ground. We will make sure that we carefully place each pipe and sprinkler head to maximize the watering efficiency in your landscape. Our expert team will ensure that everything is organized and that your home looks as mess-free as possible during the installation process.

Rain Bird irrigation systems

Blessing Landscapes is a Rain Bird Select Contractor. Rain Bird irrigation systems are efficient and easy to use. With Rain Bird Irrigation Systems, you can rest assured that you system will work right for you and keep on working over time.

Sprinkler winterization

Need to get your irrigation system ready for winter?

You will need to empty the water from your irrigation system to avoid the pipes and heads bursting. Water freezing in your irrigation systems can ruin more than just the pipes in your system because you may have to rip apart your landscape to fix them. If you are not sure what your system needs, give us a call.

Blessing Landscapes will first drain your system of any water, blowing air through your pipes to completely empty them, so they will not burst if they freeze. In the spring, we’ll come back and check your sprinklers to make sure everything is working right. If we see any problems, we’ll be sure to let you know. We also provide you with backflow testing, which is required by your your municipality.

Sprinkler system service and repair

Have a broken pipe or gushing sprinkler head? Or, have your sprinklers just quit working? Once in a while your system may also need adjusting because your plants have matured and are now blocking the water. We can help! Our qualified technicians will visit your home or business, assess the situation, and help you fix it, all while being respectful of your time and property.

Save time and money with a new irrigation system. Contact us today at 503-284-3557 for an appointment!

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