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Landscape Lighting

Illuminate your pathways and highlight your home’s architectural features!

At night, or on cloudy, rainy days, your landscape may feel dreary, but you can add drama and light to your home and landscape with a custom designed lighting plan. Textures of stone and brick pop, fountains will be elegantly lit, trees look larger and the beautiful architectural features of your home will spring to life. When you or your guests arrive in the dark, you’ll feel more secure with fewer shadowed areas and a lighted pathway.

Outdoor lighting design & planning

Create your landscape lighting design with the help of our professional team. A good design is always beautiful and functional – giving you the light you need in the areas you need it in a beautiful way. And, it will be designed to last.

Sensors and time clocks help manage when lights come on and when they turn off based on seasonal and/or natural light changes. We make sure that your design not only fits what you want by illuminating your trees, pathways, fountains, and more but also serves a functional purpose that minimizes electricity use.

Ways to light up your home with your design

Lighting is more than finding your way to your front door. It adds a dramatic touch to plants and water features, which increases the curb appeal of your home and creates a cozy getaway in your backyard.

Some of the lighting types you could add to your design are:

  • Highlighting
  • Silhouetting
  • Shadowing
  • Wall-washing
  • Up-lighting
  • Moonlighting
  • Down-lighting
  • Accenting
  • Path-lighting

These types of lighting not only increase your property value and the beauty of your home, but they will add security. A good lighting system can help prevent accidents, vandalism, and break-ins on your property.

Lighting systems

Looking outside from your window will never look better. The lighting in your landscape will create a view of your beautiful flowers and water features instead of a dark, black space. Create this picture perfect landscape with LED lights.

The flexibility of LED lights allows them to operate in unconventional areas and in extreme cold or heat. These lights last longer than regular bulbs. You will save money on your energy bill as well because they are energy efficient, as well as ecologically friendly.

Lighting installation

Your lighting installation process begins once you approve your design. You can watch as our team quickly and efficiently sets up your new lights. We make sure that your landscape is kept clean during the installation process and are very mindful of you and your neighbors. The finished product leaves your home in the best possible light.

Have your home’s best features highlighted at night! Contact us today at 503-284-3557 to find out how.

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