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Fabulous Native Trees and Shrubs

Are you looking for plants on the lower end of the maintenance scale, that can thrive in our soggy winters and bone-dry summers, and handle clay soil? Look no further than these garden-worthy native plants, and cultivated varieties of native plants. Vine Maple (Acer...

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How to Winterize Your Water Feature

Water features offer year-round enjoyment in the landscape, even in winter. Since the Portland area is blessed with fairly mild winters, very little is needed to protect your water feature from the elements. Except for hard freezes, you should be able to keep the...

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5 Problems With Sprinkler Systems

In-ground sprinklers are great, but there are a few things you should know if you are considering purchasing one or if you have one already. 1. Watering in the rain Have you ever drove by a yard when it is raining and the sprinklers are running? If you don't have a...

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Key Elements for an Asian inspired Garden

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we have a wealth of inspiration to pull from when designing and creating an Asian inspired garden. We have world renowned gardens such as the Portland Japanese Garden and the Lan Su Chinese Garden which, while very different from each...

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Is a Landscape Design Really Necessary?

It's that time of year again when people look outside their living room window and say, “Wow, our yard could really use some improvements!” Then the next thought usually is, “How do we know what we want and who will help me through the decision making process?”...

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Benefits of Using Mulch

With budding plants and the sun peeking through the grey more often these days, it’s easy to get excited about improving our yards. While sleek new paver patios and flashy flowers get most of the attention, now is also a great time to take care of some of those often...

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