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Protect Your Home and Outdoor Spaces with Advanced Drainage Systems

Are you dealing with a leaky basement or wet crawl space? Have you noticed puddling on your patio, driveway, or other hardscape? Is your lawn soggy or are your plants suffering from soil that is too wet? Whatever your drainage issues or concerns, Blessing Landscapes is here to help.

Not only are we skilled at implementing innovative drainage solutions and installing reliable, cost-effective systems – we’re also experts at diagnosing the problem and tailoring our design approach to meet your needs, home, and budget.

Proper Grading

Effective drainage is all about controlling the direction and flow of water. Living in the Portland area, lots of rain is inevitable, but the last thing you want is for all that water to collect right up against the side of your house or leak into your basement or crawlspace. Creating a slope away from your home by building up the soil around your foundation or removing adjacent soil to create the same effect will help ensure your home stays dry and protected. Keep in mind that if a patio or driveway is sloped toward your house, it may need to be replaced in order to achieve proper grading.  If this is the case, we can help create a beautiful patio that properly slopes away from your home.

French Drains

French drains are a popular and effective system for directing water away from foundations, basements, and crawl spaces. They’re also often used to prevent puddling and oversaturation of lawns and garden beds. Our team will design and install a French drain system to help dry out those wet and squishy areas of your yard leaving your lawn firm and beautiful and your plants happy and healthy.

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If your drainage issues involve excess surface runoff coming down a hillside, a swale may be a good budget-friendly option that can be very aesthetically pleasing and blend in with the surrounding landscape. A swale is a subtle, shallow ditch designed to catch water and direct it away from your home (or other area where you don’t want water to accumulate). Swales can be simple and unnoticeable or dressed up to be beautiful dry river beds and attractive features in your landscape.

Rain Gardens

Like Swales, rain gardens are a relatively straightforward and inexpensive drainage solution for managing water runoff in an eco-friendly way. Rain gardens are bowl-like systems (depressions in the earth) that we plant with water-loving plants and often accentuate with boulders and river rock. It’s important to note that they’re not standing ponds. Instead, they quickly absorb, drain, and filter water into the surrounding soil. Rain gardens may be used to catch runoff from various sources, including roofs, hardscapes, French drains and swales.

Dry Wells

Almost all drainage solutions use gravity to help redirect and filter water away from undesired locations. Typically, this requires using slopes in the ground to direct the water to lower elevations, where you want it to go (like the street). Dry wells are ideal for situations where you’re dealing with a soggy lawn and there isn’t enough slope to direct the water to a suitable location. To install a dry well, our Blessing Landscapes team will dig down into the earth and install a container with perforated walls. They’ll then surround the tank with gravel. Runoff enters the tank, where it is stored until it is slowly dispersed into the soil below.