Town Square Water Feature

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Life-sized bronze salmon forged by local artisan

12’ tall column rocks

Raised stone planters

Stream with waterfall

Native plantings

Crown jewel of City of Sandy

Town Square Water Feature

Sandy is rich in history, beauty and natural resources. This fountain design for the Sandy Civic Plaza features all of these elements. The focal point of the feature is locally quarried stone columns rising up above the surrounding plaza as much as twelve feet. A school of bronze salmon, forged by local artisans, travel up and around the columns until they reach the top. Water cascades around the columns and salmon down to the pond-less surface below so that the entire feature feels like someone in a mask and snorkel is peeking into the secret world of salmon and rapids. A meandering stream draws one’s eye to the adjacent Sandy Area Historic Museum and adds an additional traffic noise buffer and visual barrier to those enjoying the plaza located in the heart of the City of Sandy.

Seating-height raised planter boxes will frame the bubbling columns and stream. They will be finished with stone and caps which match the existing planters at the east end of the plaza in order to provide a seamless tie-in with existing elements. The planter box at the east end of the stream will spill water adding additional street appeal for passers by.
Seating-height basalt columns will also be installed in the existing plaza adjacent to the feature for visitors enjoying plaza events, viewing the beautiful water feature, or simply soak in the Sandy mountain sun.

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