Swim Spa Surprise

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Swim spa

Gas fire pit

Custom swinging couches

Modern design

Color-changing lighting

Synthetic lawn

Native-looking plantings

Upgraded, horizontal fencing

Swim Spa Surprise!

The crown jewel of this completely renovated King City backyard is the four-seasons, in-ground swim spa. The family was originally considering a small swimming pool or plunge pool, but after weighing the cost of installation and ongoing heating, a swim spa was the clear choice. In the winter, the swim spa can be heated to 102 degrees (hot tub temperature) and enjoyed in all weather by the parents and kids alike. In the summer, it’s cooled down to the mid nineties for a refreshing dip. Custom-built swinging couches are the perfect place to unwind and catch up at the end of the day or sip on a morning coffee while enjoying the warmth and dancing flames of the custom fire pit. A simple, native-looking planting plan of all green trees, shrubs and groundcovers were thoughtfully designed to help blend with the adjacent greenspace and give the feeling of being completely surrounded by nature. Black cyclone fencing visually disappears in the shadows of the green space behind the home while still providing security and enclosure. Synthetic grass provides year-around, clean access to every part of the backyard while always looking like a freshly cut lawn. A simple but beautiful concrete paver step and landing create a stunning transition in and out of the home. The existing friendly neighbor cedar fencing also received a make-over with horizontal cedar boards with a dark stain. And, at night, the yard comes alive with perfectly place, color-changing and dimmable low-voltage lighting that can all be easily programmed and run with a smartphone.

Before Photos

Privacy was a concern when with the plan of installing a swim spa with second-story neighbor’s windows looking directing into the backyard. The old patio (covered by scraps of synthetic grass in the photo) was large and unappealing. It was painted concrete and the paint was beginning to peel off. Plus, the shape was a plain, large rectangle. So was the lawn, which was struggling and not usable most of the year because it was too wet – if not from the rain, then from the irrigation.

The step out the back door did not run the width of the back slider and, thus did not feel balanced. Red brick trim lined the step and patio and did not fit the style of the rest of the home. With the exception of a scraggly, mis-placed Wisteria, no plantings softened the fence lines. The air conditioner sat directly on the back patio making it difficult to screen and it was also loud when running.

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