Sloped Paradise

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Quick Details

Created usable space on a technical, steep slope

Stone retaining walls

Gravel fire pit patio with seating wall

Paver patio

SYNLawn artificial grass for dog

Dry creek bed with stone step bridge

Custom wood trellises

Erosion control and soil stabilization with plants and boulders

Sloped Paradise

This project is a great example of what you can do with a steep slope. All that existed in the backyard was a concrete slab at the top and then it dropped off steeply. The client wanted a lawn area for their dog along with patios to enjoy the gorgeous views. Stone retaining walls were created to level off the lawn area and to create two patios: a gravel fire pit patio with seating wall and a paver patio for a more formal but equally relaxed setting. Stone steps and pathways were installed to tie everything together and create access from the front yard. We took advantage of the slope by adding a dry creek bed that naturally flows through the landscape, offering yet another attractive element. Plantings provided strategic screening and erosion control while framing desirable views. Two custom trellises were used for additional screening and to create a living wall near the fire pit. The resulting transformation is stunning and shows the rewarding opportunities a steep slope provides.

Before Photos

The property is very steep. The sales, design, and installation teams collaborated extensively to arrive at a functional and beautiful design solution for what appeared at first glance to be a cliff. Although technical and complex, the team arrived at an elegant solution to give the client a fun, usable space.

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