Patio Paradise

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Quick Details

Replaced wood deck with paver patio and steps.

Added new paver landing and steps from the garage.

Installed client-supplied water feature.

Updated gravel and flagstone paths and adjusted the grade.

Placed decorative boulders.

Updated plantings.

Patio Paradise

The Lindholm family contacted us for a backyard upgrade. They needed a larger outdoor living space, updated paths, garden bed adjustments, and some new plantings. We removed the wood deck, and added a larger paver patio and steps, creating a comfortable living space for dining and relaxing with family and friends. The new, comfortable transition from the kitchen to the patio flows seamlessly from indoors to out. In addition, the new paver patio is much easier to maintain than the old wood deck. They had found a beautiful water feature, which we installed in the backyard. We improved the flow throughout the space by adjusting the grade and updating the existing gravel and flagstone paths. They also had some fine boulder edging in place, which we expanded upon with more decorative boulder rockery and expanded planting beds. We added choice plant selections to build on the Lindholm’s fine, established plant palette. The result is an updated back garden, perfectly aligned with the Lindholm’s tase and lifestyle.

Before Photos

Project Challenges

The old deck was too small, limiting their enjoyment of their backyard. The goal was to create an outdoor living space that was large enough while blending seamlessly into the existing landscape. The Lindholm’s have discerning taste in plants, so finding the unusual plant material they wanted was a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, we were able to locate the choice plants that beautifully complement their existing garden.

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