Mountain Retreat

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Quick Details

Landscaped to complement the owner’s custom-built log home

Emphasized mountain view

3-column rock water feature

Fire pit patio

Basalt steps

Stepping stone path through lawn

Revitalized unhealthy soil

Habitat-friendly plants

Mountain Retreat

This client built their own log house from scratch and hired us to design a landscape that would complete their vision. The hilltop property posed a challenge with nutrient-deficient soil that was red with iron-rich clay as well as weeds, patchy grass, and surrounded by blackberries.

The main design consideration was to take advantage of their view. The house was oriented so that the back provided a view of Mt. St. Helens in the distance. We added a focal point consisting of a firepit patio and a large 3-column basalt rock water feature that would match the scale of this amazing natural attraction. Positioned on the edge of the tree-lined property, the patio is an invitation for the ultimate campfire experience under the stars with the trickling of the water nearby.

We added a combination of different lawn sizes for useable space and to retain a sense of openness. Various walkways cut through the lawns and wind around the property for maximum circulation. Basalt steps lead to the front door and tie in naturally with the surrounding accent boulders. Plant beds fill in the remaining spaces with plants that were chosen to attract birds and pollinators, capitalizing on the habitat-friendly surroundings.

Before Photos 

Not Much of an Entrance

A house of this craftsmanship and style needed an entrance to match. There was no walkway to the porch and the plants were uninspiring to say the least. We stripped out the lawn and replaced it with plants that would add interest and reflect the natural surroundings. Accent boulders were scattered amongst the plants and highlighted with wash lights. A walkway of basalt steps and flagstone completed the transition to a more fitting entrance.

Soil Conditioning

This shows the existing conditions we had to start with. We needed to revitalize the iron-rich clay soil before anything could go in the ground. We did this by scraping off the top 6” and replacing it with healthy topsoil. At planting time, each plant got a handful of mycorrhizal fungi added to the hole, which helps promote root growth. Once all the plants were in, a 3” top dressing of compost was added to all planting beds. This combination of amendments was the start to healthy plants that would be guaranteed to get established and thrive.

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