Modern Rooftop Garden

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Rooftop garden

Modern design

Drought and heat tolerant plants

Automatic irrigation

Custom planting containers

Amazing views in the city!

Modern Rooftop Garden

This modern rooftop deck is clear evidence that sometimes less is more. The simple design of white planting containers, green foliage and dark, synthetic decking creates a relaxing and inviting environment to enjoy sunsets or hangout with friend and family. The white planters were custom painted and planted with a hardy selection of trees and shrubs that can withstand both full sun and the extra heat of a rooftop garden. But, don’t worry about watering! The entire garden is automatically watered with drip irrigation. If you can’t see the drip lines, that’s because they enter the containers through the drain holes in the bottom of the planters, so they are completely hidden. Special care was taken during the installation of this rooftop garden to protect the interior of the home. Foot traffic barrier and wall corner protection was installed throughout the access and traffic areas of the home.

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