Mediterranean Flair

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Mediterranean Style

Elegant Fountain

Stamped Concrete

Luxor ZD System- Outdoor lighting

Decomposed Granite

Expanded driveway

Stucco Wall

Entry Gate

Mediterranean Flair

This front yard consisted of a boring lawn flanked with a boxwood hedge that ran alongside a bland and narrow concrete driveway and walkway. There was nothing to tie the generic landscape to the lovely Mediterranean inspired house. All that changed with the design and installation done by Blessing Landscapes.

A stucco retaining wall with sensuous curves and rounded steps leads to a gate inspired by the lead glass windows. The stamped concrete path widens to the expanded driveway and also continues to another set of rounded steps to the recessed front door. Centered on the left side windows, an elegant fountain bubbles away. A narrow-decomposed granite pathway with architectural pavers circles the fountain and is flanked by Lavender and Santolina. Two Crape Myrtles give the garden a bit of symmetry and along with several beautiful containers add a sense of elegance and drama to the garden. The clients love of roses is apparent from the quantity and variety that are tucked into every bed. The rich textures and colors from the roses and other plantings such as Pittosoporum, Nepeta and New Zealand Flax are highlighted by accent lighting which makes the whole garden come alive at night.

Before Photos

The clients had a beautiful home that was in stark contrast to the strip of concrete and lawn that made up the bland garden.
The strangely angled walkway jutted out from a very narrow driveway that required getting out of the car onto the lawn. If the car was in the driveway there was no way to navigate to the front door unless you walked in the lawn.

With nothing inspiring to look at in the landscape the front patio adjacent to the front door was a neglected space. The clients
wanted to create a secluded garden that enhanced their home and gave them a place to enjoy and share their love of roses. Demoing the front walkway and driveway allowed us to reposition the front walkway and created a more formal entrance which resulted in a more intimate courtyard feel. Removing the old trees allowed for a wider path that transitioned seamlessly to the new driveway.

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