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Living the Dream!

The Kinzies’ had an existing cracked concrete patio and a large sloped lawn. They wanted to create a dining space for larger get togethers as well as have a cozier space from which they could enjoy their water view. They also wanted to create a water feature and add plantings that would attract wildlife and add some color and texture to the garden. A paver patio overlay was done over the existing concrete pad with a pergola built ontop to give the feel of an outdoor dining room. The old wall was removed and a new curved concrete block wall was installed to flank the new walkway which leads to a raised circular paver patio. Along the slope a large Silver Springs bubbling boulder was installed with several additional boulders to create the feel of a natural spring. Plantings were placed all around to soften the boulders and attract a myriad of birds and pollinators. Boards were attached under the deck to create a lattice for jasmine as well as to hide the utility area.

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Water Feature Placement

Creating a natural looking water feature with a large galvanized echo chamber on a slope was a bit of a challenge. Since the echo chamber is about 18” tall and 4’ long and wide it required some carful concealment. The client wanted the water feature as close to the patio as possible which didn’t leave a lot of room for boulders and plantings. However with the careful selection of boulders and placement of plantings the water feature now looks like it has always been there.

Patio Transformation

A mossy and cracked concrete patio lay between two equally dreary concrete walls. There was nothing inspiring about this neglected corner of the yard which had a wall of windows that looked down on it. The Kinzey’s wanted a dining space and this was the obvious location. With a paver overway and new block wall the tired concrete slab was reimagined into an elegant dining space complete with a pergola and water feature.

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