Hillsboro Water Feature

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Quick Details

Front yard transformation

Cascading stream with large, natural pond

Basalt boulders

Covered structure

Seating areas

Low voltage lighting

Pollinator friendly plantings

Hillsboro Water Feature

This front yard project out in the country started with an existing, nondescript expanse of grass and weeds. We transformed it into a little piece of paradise that complemented the forested surroundings beautifully. The centerpiece was a large pond fed by a cascading stream. We integrated the stream with an existing berm so it appeared to be coming downhill, out of the forest beyond. This amazing pond was surrounded by high-impact boulders and a looping trail to encourage walks and interaction. A couple of patios, including a covered structure, created destination areas to relax and enjoy the view from multiple angles.

Low-voltage lighting was a must for this project. It created beautiful nighttime scenes that added safety when outdoors at night and could also be enjoyed from inside the house. The client even added koi fish and tropical plantings to enhance the experience and make it all their own. This, combined with pollinator-friendly plants turned this front yard into an oasis for wildlife and humans alike.

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The wide, elegant front patio was a highlight of the property, but there was nothing to look out onto except a large expanse of grass and weeds. We needed something which would have high impact and match the scale of the entrance. This was achieved by creating a stream that led into a large pond. Additional seating areas and a path around the pond encouraged relaxation and interaction with the landscape from different locations.

The main views from the front porch immediately drew the eye to the driveway and the structure in back. Our goal was to screen these views naturally while retaining the forested background view. We did this by creating berms and using plants strategically placed to block the undesirable elements. By replacing the grass with a stream, pond, boulders, and colorful plantings, we created an attractive centerpiece that blended naturally into the trees beyond.

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