Hillside Paradise

After Photos

Quick Details

80’ cascading stream

 25’ x 15’ Koi pond

Stone retaining wall terraces

Trails through forested hillside

Stone steps over water feature

Fire pit at water’s edge

3-ton boulders

Year-around interest in gardens

Hillside Paradise

The view came with a price for this beautiful craftsman home Nestled in the hills of East Portland. Although the hillside location afforded amazing views, it lacked level, usable yard. Enter Blessing Landscapes. A series of stone retaining walls were designed and built with a magazine-worth cascading stream and pond flowing through the middle of it all. Rustic stone stairways and meandering gravel paths created access to explore and experience the world-class gardens. Careful planning went into the water feature design. With an intricately designed filtration system of aquatic plants throughout the stream and pond, a biologically balanced and self-regulating environment was created allowing Koi to thrive with very little maintenance. People are naturally drawn to water, so naturally we designed and built a custom, rustic fire pit destination right at the water’s edge. Details like stepping stone paths crossing right over two sections of the stream spark feeling of adventure and exploration. What once was a weed-infested, unusable landscape truly was transformed into a hillside paradise.

Before Photos

The views from the deck were amazing, but don’t look down! Six-foot tall thistles and field grass covered the unusable landscape prior to construction. There was no access to the side or back yards, but that was okay, because there was no reason to go there. But, even basic maintenance needed to be done, but the new yard would provide the client with way more than that.

Dense forest bordered the cleared areas creating a nice backdrop, but those were inaccessible as well. New nature trails were designed to meander through the forested landscape creating access to three new terraces. The trails were simple, sloped gravels paths cut into the cool, lush hillside. Their simple design made them affordable and functional, creating mower access to the various lawn areas. Stone steps allowed for more direct access for those wanting to explore the stream and Koi pond or meander through the gardens.

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