Gorgeous in the Gorge

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Upgraded an outdated, traditional landscape

Simple, native-looking planting plan

Firepit patio

Dry creek bed

Paver pathways

Low-voltage lighting system


Gorgeous in the Gorge

Nestled on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge, this gorgeous estate boasts panoramic, breathtaking views of the Columbia River and its mountain sides. However, the client’s landscaping was high maintenance and outdated with huge lawns, uninviting retaining walls, an in-ground pool and a white picket fenced garden. They wanted a simplified landscape they could enjoy in their golden years without all the upkeep.

It was our job to not distract from the natural beauty and surroundings, and instead design something that added to the experience. Since the home was surrounded by forest, we suggested a simple design giving the appearance of the forest continuing up to the home. Many native plants were used in combination with non-native plants that have a native look, but would be more disease resistant, hardier & lower maintenance.

Additionally, boulders were incorporated throughout the landscape to make it look as natural as possible – lots and lots of boulders (about 150 tons). Fortunately, the client owned a quarry and delivered truckload after truckload of big, beautiful boulders.

The existing swimming pool was demolished, the pool house removed, hundreds of square feet of concrete retaining wall were replaced with boulder outcroppings, and an existing pergola and garden fencing went away. Much of the original lawn was replaced with a combination of boulders, walkways, dry river beds with dry waterfalls and a native-looking planting theme. Over 160 zoned, low-voltage lighting fixtures were installed that can be dimmed or turned off all from the convenience of their phone. A world-class fire pit was installed in a location that maximizes the panoramic views of the Gorge.

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Traditional, Outdated Landscape

Instead of another large lawn to mow, this front yard was converted into plantings with a dry creek bed that naturally ran downhill. This, along with the combination of native and native-looking plants with scattered boulders throughout, blended in a lot better with the surrounding landscape.

High Maintenance Lawns and Sterile-looking Retaining Walls

This sloping lawn and retaining wall were reimagined into a more natural-looking landscape that brought the surrounding forest up to the home. The wall was replaced with a gradual slope and literally tons of boulders. A realistic dry waterfall is now a welcoming focal point at the front entrance. Dimmable low-voltage lighting enhances the enjoyment of the entire property at night, all controlled by an app on the client’s phone.

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