Elegant Retaining Wall

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Quick Details

Retaining wall with pedestal column accents

Classic metal fencing

Grand steps leading to the front door

Lighting to accent wall texture and provide safety illumination

Levelled front yard

Lush plantings to complement house architecture

Secondary pathways to connect entry points

Elegant Retaining Wall

This corner property boasts a new retaining wall that replaced the sloped front yard. Privacy was an issue for the clients. The wall, using the Belgard Belair retaining blocks in warm Toscana tones, hit two birds with one stone. Combined with a classic wrought iron fence, this elegant retaining wall created a level front yard now filled with lush shade plantings for a more welcoming entryway.

Wide paver front steps flanked by paver pedestals replaced the cracked concrete steps. Along the wall, lighting points bring out the wall textures & warm colors beautifully while providing illumination for pedestrians. Other additions were a paver pathway leading to the side yard gate and a natural flagstone path that connects the main paver pathway to a side path.

Viewed from afar, the new wall serves like a frame around the house, complementing the architecture as a finishing touch. This elegant wall truly serves as an anchor, giving this home more presence and character.

Before Photos

Sloped and open lawn with little curb appeal and privacy

The old sloped lawn and drab plantings at the front yard provided little interest or curb appeal. Privacy and usability of the space was an issue with the slope. With the addition of a new retaining wall and fence, the front yard became a flat area with a planting bed that can be better viewed and enjoyed from the inside while giving privacy to this corner lot.

Unwelcoming and dated entrance steps

The concrete front steps looked dated and did little to enhance the character of this property. New paver steps with pedestal accents made for a grander and more welcoming entrance into the home. Discreet lighting points incorporated into the hardscaping provided illumination for aesthetics and safety.

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