All Edible Garden

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Quick Details

An all-edible landscape

Paver flagstone patio and walkway over existing concrete

Habitat-friendly plants

Juniper planter boxes

Espaliered and trellised fruit trees

1,000 gallon rain barrel

All Edible Garden

We transformed this client’s nondescript landscape of weeds and rocks into an all-edible, sustainable food forest! The challenge with this kind of project was to balance the functionality of food producing plants while also providing seasonal interest and beauty. This was accomplished by using columnar apple trees, espaliered pear trees, raised planter boxes made of locally sourced juniper, a paver flagstone patio and plenty of habitat-friendly plants. In keeping with the sustainability theme, a 1000-gallon rain barrel was used to capture runoff for their garden.

 To help keep costs down, we were able to lay a new paver walkway and patio on top of their existing concrete. This money-saving option also kept the concrete from ending up in the landfill and reduced the step-height between the kitchen and patio. A flagstone style of pavers was chosen to add a natural, rustic feeling that complements the urban farm environment. We chose to keep the edges of the patio and walkways irregular to complement the informal nature of the design.

 Another key goal of the design was to attract beneficial habitat. Fruit and nut trees not only provide food, but also act as privacy screens for most of the year as well as habitat for wildlife. A diverse variety of plants were chosen that provide food and protection throughout the year, many of them native.

Before Photos 

A Blank Slate in Need of Transformation

The main yard was full of rocks and weeds, lacked personality and needed some privacy screening. The straight concrete walkway and patio got a paver layover treatment with flagstone pavers. This was a more affordable way to transform the walkway into something that offered more of a natural, rustic feel which complemented the overall theme. The irregular edges of the flagstone pavers added some character as well.

The sides of the fence presented a space-saving opportunity to maximize food production and interest by planting espaliered fruit trees. Larger fruit trees and a custom, 9’ tall trellis with a kiwi vine was used in the back to help block the sight of the houses behind.

Small Concrete Patio

This shows the existing patio, which barely extended out from under the covered area. The client wanted more useable space for outdoor gatherings. Like the existing walkway, we did a paver layover on the concrete patio, which was a way to save money and not have to dispose of the concrete. We extended the patio area with flagstone styled pavers to add a natural, inviting outdoor space for entertaining. The client’s seating boulders were reused along the edge of the new patio for built in seating options and fit perfectly into the natural setting.

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