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Landscape Installation

You don’t need a green thumb to have a beautiful garden.

Achieve elegant curb appeal with your new garden. Whether your garden contains food or flowers, either way, it serves a purpose to you. With our help, you can finally have a relaxing area filled with the alluring plants that will provide a great smell and comfortable setting. Tell us what you want your garden to look like and we will make it happen.

Garden design & installation

Your garden should have the ornamental shrubs, vibrant roses, and vivid flowers that bring you joy when you look around and realize this picture perfect area is yours. Or maybe you want plants that will supply the food that will adorn your table.

Let’s sit down and design a garden that will not only fit your needs but exceed your original expectations. Once you approve of the design, we will install the garden to your specifications. Your custom landscape will be a live version of the sketch you approved.

Why professionals don’t like landscape fabric

Installing shrubs, flowers, & trees

Your yard ranges from areas of full shade to full sun, with everything in between, and we know the best places to plant for each area and the right type of plants for our Northwest climate. Rest easy knowing your custom landscape will be installed the way you want. Our team’s effective planning and communication mean that your landscape turns into the area you pictured.

Keep in mind, the choices of plants you decide on will have varying ways to maintain them. If you do not have a lot of time (or desire) to maintain these plants, we will be more than happy to do that. Check out our Landscape Maintenance page for more information.

We also offer irrigation systems that will properly water your plants. Over time the irrigation system will not only leave your landscape healthy, it will save you time, money, and water. Learn more about them on our Irrigations System page.

Drought tolerant & low-maintenance plants

If you want a low-maintenance landscape or worry about conserving water, we can help you design a landscape that will look great and not require hours of pruning, weeding, and watering. In the Greater Portland area, there are many naturally occurring plants that will look great in your yard.

Once you have decided on the plants you wish to have, we will install them and explain how to maintain your landscape if you need it. Your yard will require little water and you can spend more of your time enjoying nature rather than nurturing it.

Get the lush green lawn that you have always wanted.

Grass installation

A healthy lawn will make you want to walk barefoot on your grass. Not feeling it? Then maybe it is time to replace that lawn and enjoy the outside again. Let us help you choose the right lawn solution in the right location, including synthetic lawns.

Roll out a new look for your lawn with healthy new sod grass or a seed lawn. You can choose from a variety of grass types and we will let you know about the benefits of each.

Once you have chosen a grass type we will install it for you. Your lawn will have a uniform, beautiful look when it is finished.

Bring beauty back into your landscape by calling 503-284-3557 or filling out our form today!

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