Like most things in life, planning ahead can have a big impact on the outcome – especially when it comes to finances. You may not have a vision yet for your yard, but there are a few items that may very well save you money regardless of the improvements you make in the future. Here are a few tips that can save you big in the long run:



We often have clients who are ready to overhaul their yards, but their budgets won’t allow them to make all of the improvements at once. That’s ok! We can offer advice on sequencing and phasing to come up with a plan that allows you to make incremental changes while also ensuring that your new landscaping won’t be destroyed in order to install additional improvements down the road. Simple steps such as installing sleeves for irrigation and lighting under hardscaped areas or waiting to plant that specimen Japanese Maple until after the nearby paver patio is installed can help you rest assured that you’re making smart improvements.

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If you know exactly what you want, we can quote this and install the landscape to meet your vision. Many times, however, our clients know they want to make improvements, but are not quite sure of the details. This is where creating a design in advance of construction can be a lifesaver. Making changes to a landscape drawing or revising a plant list is a lot easier than expanding a paver patio and ripping up plantings later because you discovered the space is too small to comfortably fit your new dining set.


We have some small yet mighty machines that help us create our beautiful landscapes, but we need about 40 inches of clearance to squeeze them through side yards and into backyard areas. If you’re putting in a gate, why not make it three-and-a-half feet wide instead of the standard three feet? The gate may cost a little bit more, but it can save thousands of dollars in labor if we can use our machinery for excavating, grading, placing boulders – you name it! If we can’t use our Bobcat, we generally are left with wheelbarrows or buckets for hauling materials and a lot of extra elbow grease. Similar to installing a wider gate, take care when placing sheds or other immobile objects. Keep at least four feet of space open if possible.



Weeding is rarely anyone’s favorite activity, but staying on top of your yard care can help keep site preparation costs lower. We’re happy to do the yard clearing for you, but time is money, and the time of our skilled construction team will serve you better when it’s put toward installing a paver patio or custom water feature than pulling up that English ivy that got out of control. If keeping up the yard is not your jam, we offer maintenance services to keep your place tidy. We’re happy to meet with you to discuss your maintenance needs!

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Our goal is to create a beautiful, functional landscape to help you enjoy your outdoor space while also giving you the most value for your dollars.