Technology has transformed the way we live and work. Our homes and offices are filled with ever-evolving “smart” solutions and technologies designed to make our lives easier, more productive, safer, and more fun. So why wouldn’t we introduce smart technologies into our landscapes too?

Just like voice-controlled home assistants and smart appliances can transform our indoor spaces, we can use modern landscaping technology to save time, add convenience, improve energy-efficiency, and make our landscapes more beautiful. At Blessing Landscapes, we incorporate smart technologies into the landscapes we design and install to create beautiful, functional yards and gardens that harmonize with the natural environment while making life easier for Portland homeowners.

In this article, our award-winning landscaping professionals are breaking down everything you need to know about landscaping technology, from smart lighting to automated irrigation systems, and much more.

Diverse Technologies in Smart Landscapes: Assessing Your Needs

Diverse Technologies in Smart Landscapes: Assessing Your Needs

The tech used in modern landscaping is just as varied and specialized as the smart features designed for indoor use. Many smart landscaping features can be integrated with home assistants like Amazon Alexa or controlled remotely by a smartphone or remote control.

Everyone has unique needs and goals for their outdoor spaces. Are you looking to prioritize accessibility? Hoping to make your yard more beautiful and safe at night? Do you want to conserve water and do your part to combat climate change?

Choosing smart features for your landscape starts with gathering information and learning about the available technologies. Then, working with your landscape designer, you can determine which technologies best suit your needs, lifestyle, and goals. 

Smart Lighting in Outdoor Spaces

Smart Lighting in Outdoor Spaces

Just like indoor lighting, the way our outdoor spaces are illuminated can completely transform how they look and function. Smart outdoor lighting solutions are convenient to operate and can be adjusted to accommodate different needs throughout the year – or even throughout the day. 

At Blessing Landscapes, we primarily use FX Luminaire systems, which offer state-of-the-art controllability and convenience. Our award-winning outdoor lighting services can:

  • Transform the way your home looks at different times of the day or year
  • Create different moods and atmospheres
  • Improve your home’s energy efficiency by avoiding over- or under-use
  • Highlight your home’s architectural features
  • Improve visibility and safety
  • Deter break-ins

Dimming and Zoning Capabilities

With the smart zoning features in the systems we use, your outdoor lights can be programmed to preset themes. Once these are set up, you can activate specific themes for special occasions and activities or simply to suit your mood! For example, if you need relaxing lighting for an evening barbecue, you can activate a theme that sets the mood for this purpose.

Dimming gives you the ability to increase or decrease the amount of illumination your lights emit at any given time. For example, you might want your lights to be brighter earlier in the evening when family members or guests may be coming and going. So you could set your lights to dim from 100% at 6pm to 50% at 10pm. You can also set lights to dim in specific zones.

Color-Changing LEDs

Just like you can adjust the level of illumination emitted by the outdoor lighting systems we design and install, you can also adjust their colors! With the ability to adjust your lighting to 30,000 unique colors using RGBW LED technology, you can customize your outdoor lighting to set the mood for any event, create incredible holiday displays, and more.

App Control and Smartphone Integration

At Blessing Landscapes, the systems we install come with in-built app control, so you can adjust your outdoor lighting through your smartphone with ease, from anywhere. You can easily create pre-set zones, themes, color palettes, dimming schedules, and just about any other customization that suits your needs.

Smart Irrigation Systems

Smart Irrigation Systems

A smart irrigation system can add tremendous value to your Portland landscape design, especially when you combine it with other smart and sustainable landscaping solutions like native plants, synthetic lawns, xeriscaping practices, and hardscapes

A well-designed and professionally installed irrigation system can:

  • Save you money by avoiding over- or under-use
  • Save water and improve the sustainability and eco-friendliness of your landscape
  • Help maintain soil health
  • Significantly reduce the amount of day-to-day maintenance you need to worry about
  • Help reduce weed growth
  • Keep your lawns and gardens looking beautiful throughout the entire year
  • Make watering your plants super easy and convenient

Water Conservation and Management Capabilities

The smart irrigation systems we design and install at Blessing Landscapes serve multiple purposes. They can save you time, energy, money, and water. Not only do they make your life easier by watering your plants for you on a pre-set schedule, but they can also help optimize and limit water usage, which helps protect the environment.

We also install rain sensors that can detect rain and automatically shut off your water systems, which helps conserve water. The sensors can also be linked to local weather stations, so you can rest assured you’re never wasting water during those rainy PNW days!

Other Smart Features for Portland Landscapes

Other Smart Features for Portland Landscapes

In addition to the many benefits of advanced outdoor lighting and irrigation systems, you can further smart-ify your landscape by incorporating one or more of the following features:

  • Automated mowing systems: You can think of automated mowing systems as robot vacuums that cut your grass!
  • Soil-monitoring sensors: Perhaps most beneficial for those planning edible gardens or farming crops, soil-monitoring systems are designed to measure moisture content within your soil to help you optimize your watering schedule.
  • Outdoor sound systems: Outdoor speakers and sound systems allow you to play your favorite songs or listen to your favorite podcasts while you spend time in your garden; these systems are excellent additions to outdoor living spaces, as long as you keep noise levels acceptable for your neighbors.
  • Plant-identification apps: Although they’ll never be as knowledgeable as an actual plant expert, plant identification apps can be helpful when you’re browsing plants in your local nursery or if you forget the name of your favorite tree in your backyard!

Planning Your Smart Landscape

Planning Your Smart Landscape

When it comes to integrating the newest technologies into your landscape, the best place to start is in your own backyard. Take a look around your property and consider the following questions before you start making selections:

  • What is frustrating about your outdoor spaces?
  • What is time-consuming about your outdoor spaces?
  • Are your walkways adequately bright?
  • Does your home look good throughout the day and year?
  • Are there safety concerns in your landscape?
  • Do you waste water in your landscape?
  • Are there neglected areas in your yard?

Pondering these questions will give you a starting point when you start to consider which smart features might be worth adding. For example, if your front steps are dimly lit, you may want to improve safety with outdoor lighting. Do you end up leaving your sprinkler in certain areas for too long? A smart irrigation system could save you money and water. 

At Blessing Landscapes, our amazing landscape designers will work with you to understand your specific needs and goals and recommend customized solutions!

Add Beauty and Convenience to Your Life With Smart Landscaping Solutions!

Add Beauty and Convenience to Your Life With Smart Landscaping Solutions!

Looking to incorporate smart features into your landscape? Whether you just want to add a feature or two or you’re planning a large-scale landscape transformation, we’re at your service!

At Blessing Landscapes in Portland, we’re honored to work with local home and property owners to design, build, and maintain beautiful outdoor spaces that are also functional and stand the test of time. We truly care about our local community and our local ecosystems. We can help you infuse your landscape with technologies that benefit you, your home, and the environment all at the same time.

Contact us today to tell us about your project and transform your property with smart solutions!