Portland is known for its incredible natural beauty and focus on sustainability. From its quirky walkable neighborhoods lined with mature trees, to its abundant urban hiking trails, to its stunning city parks, lush greenery is never out of sight. Portland homeowners take pride in their yards and gardens, and the city’s unique charm and culture have a big impact on landscape design choices.

A well designed and maintained landscape can have a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal and resale value – especially in a city like Portland! At Blessing Landscapes, we’re honored to work with Portland homeowners to design and build beautiful outdoor spaces that embody their personal style and the spirit of the Rose City!

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of hiring a local design/build landscaping company in Portland and how you can transform your home!

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What is a Design/Build Landscaping Company?

Unlike a traditional landscape designer, a design/build company brings the creative and practical aspects of landscape development together. Instead of having to find a separate construction company to try to bring the designer’s vision to life, the design and installation process are carefully planned and executed with one provider to ensure that each step is seamless and efficient.

How Does a Design/Build Company Differ From a Full-Service Landscaping Company?

Full-service landscaping companies offer a wide range of services, but these services may not be fully integrated and streamlined. Design/build companies, on the other hand, offer the same comprehensive range of landscaping services through an efficient, streamlined process. Blessing Landscapes is both a full-service and a design/build company.

Advantages of Hiring a Design/Build Landscaping Company in Portland

When it comes to creating your perfect outdoor space, it’s important to take full advantage of everything the natural environment has to offer. 

With a design/build company like Blessing Landscapes, you’ll have access to experienced landscape architects who know how to create a space that’s both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. This not only leads to a more attractive and healthier landscape, but it also makes the entire process more smooth.

With a design/build landscaping company, you’ll benefit from:

  • Expertise in native plant species and the local climate 
  • Streamlined approach to design and installation
  • Simplified communication process
  • Industry-specific knowledge and training
  • Faster project completion

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Components of a Successful Landscape Design/Build Project

What makes a landscape project successful? It all depends on your specific needs, wants, and lifestyle. There are many ways to improve your landscape, such as:

Blessing Landscapes can incorporate any or all of these elements to create the perfect, customized space for you and your family. If you want to improve the value of your property and get the most out of your yard, we can provide the creative and practical expertise you need to make your dream a reality.

What Types of Projects Can a Design/Build Landscaping Company Handle?

A design/build company can handle just about any commercial or residential landscaping project. Whether you need a specific service like retaining-wall construction, or you have a large-scale project with multiple moving parts, a design/build landscape company can give you the comprehensive services you need.

Do Design/Build Landscaping Companies Offer Post-Construction Services?

While not every design/build company offers ongoing services to their customers, many do! At Blessing Landscapes, we can provide long-term maintenance to preserve the beauty and health of your landscape.

Working with a Design/Build Landscaping Company: What Sets Them Apart

Many landscaping companies provide specialized but limited services. For example, you might find a landscape architect that exclusively focuses on design but doesn’t offer installation or ongoing maintenance. This requires you to hire multiple contractors to work on your project, which is rarely cost-effective and almost always frustrating to coordinate.

With a design/build landscaping company like Blessing Landscapes, you can work with just one company, from project conceptualization to completion. Our design/build process is designed to maximize flexibility, reduce delays and unforeseen costs, and optimize communication. In addition to our landscape design and installation services, we also offer ongoing maintenance!

Why is a Design/Build Landscaping Company a Better Fit for My Project in Portland?

The PNW is a special place, and any landscaping company in Portland should be able to cater to the individual needs and preferences of local homeowners. If you own a home in the Rose City, a design/build company will be able to offer experience and special knowledge working with the natural environment.

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Hiring a Design/Build Landscaping Company in Portland

Working with a design/build company like Blessing Landscapes on your Portland landscaping project can save you money, time, and stress. With our streamlined approach, you don’t have to worry about coordinating with multiple contractors or awkward transitions from one phase of your project to another.

We’re here to help transform your vision into a reality that you and your loved ones can enjoy for years to come! Or, if you’re planning to sell in the near future, we’ll help ensure you get the best return on your investment possible!