Here at Blessing Landscapes, we’re incredibly grateful to be able to continue working during the coronavirus pandemic. By conforming to our state’s “stay home, stay safe” guidelines, we can still perform all of our essential day-to-day functions with minimal adjustments.

One aspect of this is how we’ve altered our design process. First, when we have our initial client meeting, it happens outside, which allows us to easily maintain social distancing. We can tour the property, discuss the client’s needs, and take measurements, just like before.

The nature of how we give our presentations has changed the most, however. Until restrictions are lifted, we are doing this aspect of our work, virtually. By utilizing the latest technology and a little preparation, we have been able to continue our design presentations and deliver a great design experience for our customers.

In advance of our presentation, we’ll send the client hard copies of the design as well as the digital files. We are using the Zoom Meetings program to allow video conferencing between the designer, salesperson, and client. By sharing their screen, the designer can walk the client through a digital version of the design. The designer can switch screens back and forth on their computer, showing example photos of plants and hardscapes before returning to the design. At any time, the client can ask questions or provide feedback just as if everyone was physically in the same room. The client can even take over control of the screen to point out a specific area of interest.  After the design is presented, the salesperson will take over and share their screen to display the proposal. The salesperson then walks the client through each item of the design, discussing the cost and details of the installation. All documents shared during the presentation are sent digitally for the client to print out and have as a reference.

Recently, the sudden increased use of Zoom has also made it vulnerable to security issues and exploits. However, Zoom has been quick to fix these issues with their most recent updates, so they are no longer much of a concern.

Even in these difficult times, Blessing Landscapes remains well-suited to keep providing the same high-quality service and experiences for which we are known. If you remain quarantined at home, this could be a great time to consider getting a landscape design for your property – the first step to transforming your home’s landscape into a place you love. Once this is all over, you’ll have what you need to upgrade your outdoor living environment and enjoy sharing it with friends and family again!

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