Does this handsome plant look familiar? At first, it might seem like a happy accident, with its lily-like flower, interesting foliage, and eye-catching berries sprouting out of nowhere – for free! But don’t let it fool you. This plant is invasive in the PNW and could quickly become a nightmare. Oh, and it’s also poisonous.

Italian arum is also known as orange candleflower. When it’s not flowering, Italian arum can be mistaken for calla lily. Early control is very important since herbicides don’t work well and digging it up is a lot of work. Manual removal is only recommended on small patches, because soil disturbance tends to increase the spread of the plant. Even small bits of the root left in the ground will continue to grow.

All plant parts and nearby soil should be placed in a bag and disposed of in the trash, not your yard waste bin or home compost. Infested sites should be checked weekly to stay on top of any new sprouts.

Visit this page for more information about the arum lily.