Your private outdoor space offers a safe place to relax and a welcome bit of freedom. Although the cooler, darker months are here, you don’t need to abandon your backyard. Extend the outdoor living season into fall and winter with these inviting elements.

covered outdoor living

Covered Outdoor Living Spaces

Having a covered outdoor living space allows you to enjoy your landscape all year. From simple covered structures to multi-function shelters in all price points, having a covered garden getaway essentially gives you another room in your house.

Fire Features

A cozy fire instinctively brings people together. Portable propane or permanent natural gas fire tables have never been more popular. They serve double duty as a table as well as a warm fire. Wood-burning fire pits can be a simple, budget-friendly option if you have the space and firewood to use. Hurricane candles scattered about or clustered as an attractive centerpiece are an easily accessible option to bring that warm glow.


Adding indoor/outdoor rugs, warm throws, and comfortable cushions enhances the coziness of your existing outdoor furnishings, chasing away the chill with style.

covered outdoor living heaters


Heater options include propane or electric infrared units. Portable heaters are budget-friendly, while permanent heaters should be professionally installed, which makes them more expensive. Portable propane heaters are affordable and put out a lot of heat, but a standard 20 lb. propane tank can empty after only about 20 hours of use. Budget and how often you plan to heat your patio can help determine what type of heater is right for you. It is important to keep heaters at least three feet from anything combustible, and never use propane heaters indoors because they emit carbon monoxide. Also, look for heaters that switch off automatically if they tip over, don’t leave heaters unattended, especially if pets or are small children are present, and don’t use them with extension cords.

four season outdoor living


Illuminating outdoor spaces create an inviting atmosphere, drawing everyone out to enjoy your outdoor retreat. Lighting allows you to enjoy the view of your garden in the evening while you are indoors as well, making the most of your investment in your landscape.


Adding late-blooming plants such as Autumn Camellia (Camellia sasanqua), hardy Fuchsia, Mahonia, and Autumn Sage (Salvia gregii) keeps the garden alive and interesting. Many small Conifers have more colorful foliage in the fall and winter, where they provide essential structure and interest. 

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