Deer are both graceful wild creatures, and a garden menace. Deer browsing can reduce your beautiful garden to stubs, and young trees can be damaged by deer rubbing their antlers. The simplest and easiest way to keep deer out of your yard is to build a fence. Because they can jump fairly high, the most effective fences are at least 8 feet tall. If your garden is at the bottom of a slope, you should build it even higher: perhaps 10 feet. Another technique for warding off deer is the motion-activated “scarecrow” sprinkler.


Trees Shrubs Perennials
Abies, Fir Abelia Agastache, Hyssop
Betula, Birch Arctostaphylos, Manzanita Allium
Calocedrus, Cedar Buxus, Boxwood Asclepias, Milkweed
Carpinus, Hornbeam Berberis, Barberry Ferns: Many such as Dryopteris, Athyrium, Adiantum, etc.
Chamaecyparis, False Cypress Erica, Heath Grasses: Many such as Acorus, Carex, Miscanthus, Molina, etc.
Picea, Spruce Mahonia, Oregon Grape Hellebores
Pseudotsuga menziesii, Doug Fir Rhododendron Iris
Sequoia, Redwood Rosemarinus, Rosemary Narcissus, Daffodil
Tsuga, Hemlock Yucca Salvia, Sage

If you have a large property, another strategy is to leave an area more “natural” as a wildlife buffer in which the deer can forage, and landscape the rest. The theory being in this scenario that the deer will be more likely to leave your ornamental plants alone.

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