We now live in a whole new reality. Social distancing and shelter-in-place orders have us spending a lot more time at home than usual. With the coronavirus pandemic upon us, people are postponing or canceling their vacations.  Working from home is a mandate for those who can, and our kids are home instead of in school, or out with friends. Stress levels are, no doubt, at an all-time high as we all adjust to the uncertainty of the days ahead, and an entirely new way of life. 

There is, however, a silver lining to all of this. Instead of lamenting the situation that we’ve found ourselves in, we can see it as a chance to reconnect and spend more quality time with our family. It is also the perfect opportunity to make our own homes a sanctuary, most notably our outdoor spaces. Our backyards can be an extension of our living area, where we can reconnect with nature. As Jesse Brough, owner of Blessing Landscapes, says, “Being outside with my family feels like we are living more, rather than being cooped up inside with cabin fever.”


Now, more than ever, we see how spending extra time outdoors can make us feel alive and boost our positive outlook. Additionally, it can relieve stress and promote good health and immunity. With the current instructions from government officials asking us to restrict our access to gatherings like going to the park or dining inside restaurants, why not bring nature a lot closer to home and make our backyards a destination.

There are many ways you can create your outdoor oasis. It can be as simple as adding a bird feeder to attract our feathered friends, or as elaborate as installing a swim spa or outdoor kitchen.  Planting the right trees, shrubs, and flowering plants can bring four-season beauty to your landscape and help create a private sanctuary for you and your family. Adding a patio, covered structure, or synthetic grass will increase the year-round usability of your backyard.  If safety is an issue, installing fences and kid-friendly plants can reduce potential hazards for young children and pets, providing a safe place for them to play while you catch up on work and chores around the house.  You can also create an extension of your child’s learning environment with a sensory garden, a landscape full of color, texture, and fragrance. Planting a vegetable garden provides opportunities to teach essential life skills and science while enjoying your very own fresh produce. Or perhaps, maybe you are longing for a healing retreat with the soothing sound of water and the warmth of a fireplace. These are just a few of the elements that can make your outdoor space an enjoyable place to rest and relax.



Creating wonderful family memories in your own backyard.

You can enjoy this time together with the people that truly matter, in an outdoor space that gives everyone renewed energy to face these unchartered waters together. Social distancing can also include “home nesting”; let your backyard serve as a peaceful and safe “nest” for you and your loved ones. Our team can help you create an outdoor sanctuary that you’ll enjoy not just while we wait out the ‘storm,’ but also for years to come. Give us a call at 503-284-3557 to start your very own dream destination!

From our Blessing Landscapes family to yours, stay safe and healthy.