Your front and back yards play an essential role in the aesthetic, functional, and monetary value of your home. Too often, home improvement blogs and articles focus exclusively on the interior and exterior of houses and neglect to even mention the benefits of updating your outdoor spaces. 

Landscaping is always important. It’s even more vital in a nature lover’s paradise like Portland. But in order to get the maximum benefit, you need to start with a good plan. Working with a professional landscape designer to plan and install your landscaping project will help you achieve the best results and ensure you get the maximum return on your investment.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about Portland landscape design and how it can improve your home in the Rose City!

What is Landscape Design and Why is it Crucial?

Landscape design is a process in which aesthetics and functionality meet to create a personalized outdoor space for home and business owners. Landscape architects have the task of using natural living elements and man-made features to create sustainable, beautiful, and practical settings. 

The aesthetic beauty of a landscape can also significantly improve your daily life by extending usable space, improving your mood, and setting the stage for a more active lifestyle. But a well designed landscape offers more than just increased property value and beauty. It can also help protect and enhance the diversity of the natural environment and contribute to local ecosystems.

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Landscape Design’s Impact on Home Value

The return on investment (ROI) associated with hiring a licensed landscape contractor to transform your outdoor space is one of the many reasons why homeowners are taking the leap. Whether you’re preparing to sell your home or you simply want to improve your quality of life, a beautiful landscape will significantly increase the value of your home.

How Can Landscape Design Benefit My Home?

Professional landscape design improves curb appeal, increases resale value, and improves the overall functionality of your home and property. Depending on the specific features you choose, you can also improve safety on your property, attract desirable wildlife, increase energy efficiency, and add privacy and noise reduction.

What Is the ROI on Professional Landscape Design?

Your ROI depends on the scope and scale of your project, the features you choose, and the landscaping company you choose to work with. But experts agree that high-quality landscape designs typically provide ROIs of about 20-30% of your home’s total value.

The Power of Outdoor Living Spaces

From patios and outdoor kitchens to inviting fire pits, incorporating an outdoor living space into your landscape can add usable square footage to your property without having to create an official home addition. This offers a fantastic ROI, encourages you to spend more time outdoors, and creates the perfect spot to get together with friends and family.

Enhancing Your Yard with Gardens

Portland landscapers are able to use their understanding of native Portland plants and trees to enhance the local ecosystem and optimize the visual appeal of your outdoor space. 

You don’t have to be an experienced gardener to enjoy the sights, smells, and ambiance of plant life. There are a variety of garden types you can choose to incorporate into your landscape, each with their own advantages, visual appeal, and maintenance requirements. 

Some popular Portland garden types include:

The Role of Hardscaping in Landscape Design

Hardscapes refer to the man-made elements in your yard. No matter the size and shape of your garden, a hardscape feature can add structure, functionality, and aesthetic value to your property. From retaining walls, to pavers, to walkways, hardscapes are essential when it comes to livability and attractiveness in any outdoor space.

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Sustainable Landscape Design Practices

A good landscape designer is concerned with more than just aesthetic beauty. They’re also focused on creating designs that stand the test of time, help the environment, and minimize long-term costs and maintenance requirements. Sustainable landscape design is all about conserving water and energy, reducing waste, and nurturing a harmonious relationship between the built and natural environment.

Here are just a few sustainable features and practices to incorporate into your Portland landscape design:

How Can Sustainable Landscape Practices Benefit Me?

A sustainable landscape can be an excellent investment for property owners. In addition to the large-scale environmental benefits, it also comes with a number of personal and financial advantages, including improved energy efficiency, reduced water consumption, and lower overall maintenance costs.

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Choosing a Landscape Design Company in Portland

Investing in professional landscape design services boosts your home’s curb appeal, increases your property value, and maximizes your ROI. When looking for a landscaping contractor to manage your project, it’s a good idea to get several bids, compare them carefully, and read reviews from previous clients.

Indoor home improvement projects may all look somewhat similar regardless of where you live. But landscaping is different. Outdoor projects require a deep understanding of Portland’s unique environmental conditions, climate, native plants, soil characteristics, and wildlife.

Working with a local landscape design company like Blessing Landscapes means you’ll benefit from our designers’ specialized, Portland-specific expertise. We’re also a full-service landscaping company. That means, in addition to our landscape design services, we provide installation services, ongoing maintenance, and more.