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Meet Our Staff

Jesse Brough

Over 25 years ago, Jesse Brough started Blessing Landscapes by traveling around his neighborhood with his bicycle and home-made trailer working on neighbors’ yards. After graduating college, it was very clear that landscaping was his future. After seven years working landscape maintenance, his foundation for design and construction matured. Jesse was a construction foreman for several years. Today he devotes his time to sales and design along with managing the business.  His passion is very simple: to use his creativity and many years of diverse experience in the landscape industry to help people improve their yards.

Jesse is married and has four children. When he is not catching up with his teenage daughters or spending quality time with his younger boys, he enjoys spending time with his wife, surfing, and most of all – drawing nearer to God.


Roger Anderson

After years spent working as a web developer, Roger made a complete career change to landscape design. Soon after starting the 2-year program at Portland Community College, he discovered this new direction was a perfect match for his past skills and new ambition. He loves using CAD for drafting and finding the best plant for a specific situation. He is eager to keep learning and creating designs that will enrich people’s lives.

At home, Roger is busy creating rain gardens, experimenting with new plants, and applying various permaculture techniques to his landscape. His other interests range from hiking, wine making, listening to obscure ‘80s music, and fostering kittens with his wife, Jen.

Rebecca Smith

Gardening is Rebecca Smith’s passion and creating a garden where before there was only a neglected patch of lawn or weeds is a thrilling adventure to her.

Even as a young girl she found gardens fascinating. Often, she would appreciate the sound of the wind blowing through the trees or watching a spider building its web. The garden it seemed, was always teaming with life and in a constant state of change. It wasn’t long before her parents gave her a set of pruners and had her tidying up the yard. She loved how empowering it was to be able to direct a plant’s growth, to nurture something that was struggling and the opportunity to plant something new and watch it mature.

It wasn’t always about gardens, though. Admittedly, she had a rather eclectic work history which included everything from designing couture bridal gowns, motorcycle and furniture sales, residential electrical meter installation to an 8-year stint as a Civil Affairs Specialist with the Army Reserves. While there have been enjoyable aspects to each of these experiences, none of them completely fulfilled her love of helping people, design and the outdoors. But, at the landscape design, construction and management program at Portland Community College she found her true calling.

Working at Blessing Landscapes has been a perfect fit. She has the honor of helping create beautiful, functional spaces that reflect the needs and desires of their clients while also respecting the genius loci or “spirit of a place”. In this, she also has the opportunity to go all over the Portland metro area exploring some wonderful neighborhoods while meeting people who also have an appreciation for gardens and the outdoors.

Phyllis Brough

Phyllis Brough has worked with Blessing Landscapes since 2008. She has played many rolls in the company from office manager to scheduling manager and is currently a sales assistant.

In her time off, she cares for her father and loves spending time with her many grandchildren, and she is very proud of her son Jesse Brough’s success.

Sarah Lowles

A life-long love of art and the outdoors has culminated into Sarah’s dream job of landscape design and sales. A native Oregonian, Sarah comes from a family of farmers and grew up roaming filbert orchards and her parents’ Christmas tree farm.

With a goal of encouraging people to spend more time enjoying our beautiful outdoors, Sarah focuses on no-fuss yards that meet people’s active lifestyles and offer peaceful retreat. Sarah’s background in public relations helps provide excellent client relations, while her landscape design degree and numerous art classes influence her creative solutions in developing plans for clients’ dream outdoor spaces.

When she doesn’t have her hands drafting a design or digging in the dirt, Sarah enjoys being active with her husband and two children. Skiing, hiking, biking, camping, and enjoying Portland’s great culinary scene keep Sarah and family busy throughout the year.


Richell Chiu-Yap

Richell joins the Blessing Land team with much to offer as a landscape artist – an Associate’s Degree in Landscape Design and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design-Summa cum Laude. Her previous experience working at architecture & interior design firms in Singapore helps her create holistic outdoor spaces that complement the interior and house architecture. Originally from Cebu, Philippines, she moved to Portland 6 years ago where she expanded her artistic endeavors into landscaping. Her overseas life experiences have brought modern sensibilities to her aesthetics which she combines with local styles to create functional and unique outdoor spaces. She feels that the most important aspect of the design process is listening to the client’s requirements and finding creative solutions that reflect the client’s lifestyle.

In her “free” time, Richell enjoys exploring new places and hiking with her husband, twin daughters and corgi, Dutchess. In the last five years she has been in Oregon, the spring & summer blooms, fall colors and native plants have inspired her landscape design work. As an artist, her other creative pursuits include portraits, botanical photography, fine art illustration as well as ceramic garden art.